Apply With a Friend

Can I apply with a friend?

YES!  We welcome pairs of students to apply together. Here’s how:

  • Both of you should fill out your own individual application form.

  • Next, you should send an email to both Mr. Stucker and Mr. McConville, indicating that you are “applying together.” Make sure both students’ full names are clearly indicated.

  • Finally, you should be sure that at least one of the teachers that you list on your application (teachers who can speak on your behalf) should be a teacher who knows both of you. That way, the teacher can share what they know about each of you, but also what they know about both of you together.

If everything works out, both of you would be enrolled in the same semester, and you would get to have the experience together!

(Note that the same scheduling constraints exist when applying with a friend. For more information, refer to the FAQ, and the question “Can I choose which semester I want to be in?”).