City & Lake Semester

Burlington City & Lake Semester is an award-winning program offered at BHS that focuses on Burlington’s culture, people, and natural environment; city systems; local issues; and the things that make a community thrive. Students earn English, Social Studies, and elective credit while working together on projects that address real-world issues. Students learn about themselves and their community, connect with all kinds of people, make a difference in Burlington, and have fun together.

In a typical year, students enrolled in the City & Lake Semester meet downtown at the Old North End Center all day on Blue Days, spanning all four blocks of a student’s Blue Day schedule. On White Days, BCL does not meet, so BCL students can take up to four traditional classes at BHS.

Every day in BCL is different, but a typical day might look like this:

8:05Morning Meeting (student-led)
8:30Crew time and student Contributions
9:00Walk or bus to a project location to meet with a community partner
9:15Project collaboration (with artist partner, expert, or stakeholder)
11:45Lunch at project site
12: 15Journaling and Project Debrief
12:45Travel back to Old North End Center
1:00Student co-creation time – project planning
1:30Circle discussion
2:30Closing Meeting