City & Lake semester

Burlington City & Lake Semester is an award-winning program offered at BHS that focuses on Burlington’s culture, people, and natural environment; city systems; local issues; and the things that make a community thrive. Students earn English, Social Studies, and elective credit while working together on projects that address real-world issues. Students learn about themselves and their community, connect with all kinds of people, make a difference in Burlington, and have fun together.

In a typical year, students enrolled in the City & Lake Semester meet downtown at the Old North End Center all day on Blue Days, spanning all four blocks of a student’s Blue Day schedule. On White Days, BCL does not meet, so BCL students can take up to four traditional classes at BHS.

During the COVID pandemic, the BHS schedule has shifted significantly, making BCL an all-day program that meets every day for one quarter. We anticipate that we will return to our usual (every-other-day) schedule in the 2021-2022 school year.

Every day in BCL is different, but a typical day might look like this:

8:05Morning Meeting (student-led)
8:30Crew time and student Contributions
9:00Walk or bus to a project location to meet with a community partner
9:15Project collaboration (with artist partner, expert, or stakeholder)
11:45Lunch at project site
12: 15Journaling and Project Debrief
12:45Travel back to Old North End Center
1:00Student co-creation time – project planning
1:30Circle discussion
2:30Closing Meeting