“The City & Lake Semester is connecting our students to the community and to valuable learning experiences outside the school walls. This is where I want to see BHS go in the years ahead. I am excited for the students in this program, for our high school, and for our city.”

~ Noel Green, BHS Principal


The following voices are those of students, each of whom has helped in the design of the BCL program. Their energy and excitement is the reason we are so passionate about this work.

The thing about BCL that is so exciting is that you get to look at problems facing Burlington itself and being able to find ways, while collaborating with city partners, to fix the problem.
                        – Janizer, BHS Student


BCL would be a great fit for anyone who sees the imperfections in Burlington, and wants to actually get involved–people who are comfortable with getting their hands dirty.
                        – Nasteha, BHS Student


BCL will offer an opportunity for students to take leadership of their own learning and maybe step out of their comfort zone, to try something that could end up being really amazing.
                        – Tessa, BHS Student


It would definitely make my education feel more meaningful. If your solutions are used to fix problems, students will feel important and trusted and this will make the learning more important and meaningful.
                        – Turner, BHS Student


If your learning has a real impact, especially in your own city, then you would feel more valued in your community. Education would feel more purposeful…
                        – Avena, BHS student


A program like this would give me an experience of connecting to the community on a daily basis. It would stretch my horizons, causing me to think more outside of the box.
                        – Zanevia, BHS Student


I want to feel like I’m making a direct impact on the community, like I’m making a change that will benefit myself and those around me instead of just sitting in class, bored.
                        – Milano, BHS student


There’s nothing I do in a normal school day that relates to Burlington.
                        – Kyle, BHS student


Spending the semester outside of a classroom would be a huge change, from learning theory in classrooms to working hands-on with a topic that interests me. It would help with problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and give students a chance to experience what it is like to do projects in the real world, instead of just in school.
                        – Zoe, BHS Student


The education you would be receiving in a program like this would feel relevant. Typically in classrooms it is easy to feel like the material you are learning won’t be useful to you. This feels less closed off, and would prepare you for opportunities later in life.
                        – Carly, BHS Student


Burlington City & Lake Semester would be amazing for someone who really cares about learning, someone who is ready to be treated as a real person with something to give, someone who wants to take ownership of their education, someone who wants to stretch and challenge themselves, or someone who wants their learning to have more purpose and importance.
                    – Emma, BHS Student