“The City & Lake Semester is connecting our students to the community and to valuable learning experiences outside the school walls. This is where I want to see BHS go in the years ahead. I am excited for the students in this program, for our high school, and for our city.”

~ Noel Green, BHS Principal


The following voices are those of students enrolled in the program. Their energy and excitement is the reason we are so passionate about this work.

“I like getting out into the community and talking to community partners.”

~ Julius, 11th grade

“Burlington is beautiful and complicated. I have learned that I am a valuable part of the community and my voice and my opinions matter.”

~ Eva, 12th grade

“If you are someone who is searching for a place to really grow and thrive, this is the place to do it.”

~ Kaitlyn, 12th grade

“We do a lot of collaboration with people in the community and take advantage of the resources Burlington provides.”  

~ Famo, 11th grade

“My favorite part about BCL is how close I have become with the BCL community, students and teachers. I feel more confident and share more of my ideas.”

~ Mary, 11th grade