And, we’re off…

Students and Teachers in Classroom

After nearly two years of planning, the Burlington City and Lake Semester welcomed its first students last Thursday! We met at Burlington High School and after some brief introductions we caught the bus downtown to our home base at the Old North End Community Center on Allen Street in Burlington’s Old North End. While there we took care of some basic business like collecting forms and handing out journals, but more importantly we got down to the work of finally getting to know each other, sharing pineapple, and celebrating our first birthday of the semester. (Happy birthday, Wyatt!)

There will be much to share over the next year, and we hope that you will continue to follow our journey here with updates from staff and students alike. Tomorrow we welcome a Luis Vivanco, local anthropologist from UVM and Brennan Gauthier, staff archaeologist from the Vermont Agency of Transportation to discuss the history of transportation in the Queen City and to consider how our transportation system might evolve in both the near and far future. Needless to say, the inner urban planners in us couldn’t be more excited. So, stay tuned, reach out, and thanks for following along!

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